1928Composed piano transcriptions of Paderewski’s ‘Minuet’ in the style of Ravel and the Strauss Waltz, ‘Voices of Spring’.
1932‘Concerto for Piano and Orchestra’ for High School graduation ceremonies.
1933Composed song for Soprano entitled, ‘Tilted Moons’ for Mendelssohn Choir Competition – won first prize.
1934Composed a Ballet entitled, ‘Persephone’ while studying at Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh. Danced by a fellow student, Gene Kelly.
1935Composed numerous piano transcriptions for performances on KDKA radio in Pittsburgh.
1941Composed ‘Adventure for Piano and Orchestra’
1954-1957Composed many silent movie and opera sketches for Sid Caesar on his popular television comedy show, Caesar’s Hour.
1954Composed a piano transcription of the ‘Rakoczy March’ by Berlioz.
1954Composed six piano transcriptions of popular songs by Gershwin entitled, ‘Etudes’: ‘Liza’, ‘I Got Rhythm’, ‘Somebody Loves Me’, ‘The Man I Love’, ‘Oh, Lady Be Good’, ‘Embraceable You’
1960Composed the music for the off-Broadway play by Harold Robbins, ‘A Stone for Danny Fisher’.
1961Transcribed some oratorio selections of Buxtehude.
1962Composed a large-scale one-hour-long Easter oratorio entitled ‘Revelations’, commissioned by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and televised in 1962 and again in 1964 with Mr. Wild conducting.
1966Composed the music to the ABC-TV Documentary, ‘The Sacred Blue Lake of the Taos’.
1966Composed the music for the ABC-TV play about Abraham Lincoln entitled ‘Flatboat Man’.
1966Composed the music to the Pearl Lang Ballet ‘Prayer to the Dark Bird’ which was commissioned by ABC.
1966Composed three 16th Century Spanish Songs for cello and piano.
1968Composed the music to the Documentary, ‘Thou Shalt Have No Other God’, commissioned by the Jewish Theological Seminary for ABC Television.
1973Composed a piano transcription based on George Gershwin’s Opera, ‘Porgy and Bess’ entitled, ‘Grand Fantasy on Porgy and Bess’.
1973Composed and revised piano transcriptions of seven popular songs by George Gershwin entitled, ‘Seven Virtuoso Etudes’: ‘Oh Lady Be Good’, ‘Liza’, ‘I Got Rhythm’, ‘Somebody Loves Me’, ‘The Man I Love’, ‘Fascinatin Rhythm’, ‘Embraceable You’.
1975Composed ‘The Turquoise Horse’, for Chorus and Percussion based on an Indian poem and legend. Commissioned by the Palm Springs California Desert Museum for its Grand Opening celebration and Dedication of the inauguration of their new building.
1975Composed a piano transcription based on Tchaikovsky’s Ballet, ‘Swan Lake’, ‘Dance of the Four Swans’.
1981Composed 14 piano transcriptions based on Rachmaninov Songs entitled; ‘Floods of Spring’‘In the Silent Night’‘Sorrow in Springtime’‘Midsummer Nights’‘Dreams’‘The Little Island’‘The Muse’‘Oh Cease thy Singing’‘Do Not Grieve’‘Vocalise’‘Death of a Linnet’‘Where Beauty Dwells’, ‘To the Children’, and ‘Harvest of Sorrow’.
1985Composed a piano transcription of the 2nd Mvt. ‘Larghetto’ of Chopin’s Piano Concerto No.2 in F minor, Op.21
1989Composed a solo piano composition in the form of an improvisation based on the Gershwin song, ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’.
1992Composed a piano transcription based on Faure’s song for voice and piano, ‘Apres un Reve’
1992Composed Variations on a Theme by Stephen Foster, a 27 min. work for piano and orchestra entitled ‘Doo-Dah’ Variations.
1992Composed a piano transcription based on the Tchaikovsky song, ‘At The Ball’.
1993Composed a piano transcription based on Handel’s Harpsichord Suite, Theme and Variations, ‘The Harmonious Blacksmith’
1995Composed a piano transcription in the style of Poulenc, based on Bach’s Sarabande from his Partita No.1 entitled, ‘Hommage a Poulenc’.
1995Composed a piano transcription based on the animated film Snow White entitled, Reminiscences of ‘Snow White’.
1995Composed a solo piano transcription based on Saint-Saens tone poem, ‘Le Rouet d’Omphale’.
1995Completed a two-piano version of his ‘Doo-Dah’ Variations.
2000Composed his first Piano Sonata in three movements – ‘Sonata 2000’. The third movement is entitled, ‘Toccata a la Ricky Martin’.
2002Composed a piano transcription of the ‘Adagio’ from Alessandro Marcello’s Oboe Concerto.

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