Update on Earl Wild’s health

I’m happy to report that Earl Wild has almost fully recovered from his heart bypass surgery last September. He as regained his strength and is back at the piano 2 to 3 hours a day now. He is busy preparing his recital program for this summer and fall’s 90th Birthday concerts. He’s enjoying being able to once again sit at the piano and play whenever he wants. The piano has been his life since he was three years old and it gives him tremendous pleasure to be able to sit down and play again – he doesn’t need an audience. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy performing in public. He’s looking forward to performing again. I hope everyone who reads this will try to attend one of his 90th Birthday concerts this year. There is a complete list of his 90th Birthday concerts (dates, city/country and venue) currently available if you click on the Performances link on the left. Mr. Wild is now a very fit 90 year old (having lost 30 pounds) – he’s strong and healthy. In the last month he has had cataracts removed from each eye – an unfortunate by-product of the heart surgery, but he is seeing much better now. Thanks again to everyone for all your good wishes.

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